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Other examples are a telnet host a telnet server and an xhost X Window client. The term Internet host or just host is used in a number of Request for Comments RFC documents that define the Internet and its predecessor the ARPANET. While the ARPANET was developed computers connected to the network were typically mainframe computer systems that could be accessed from terminals connected via serial ports. Since these dumb terminals did not host software or perform computations themselves they were not considered hosts. The terminals were connected to the terminal hosts through serial interfaces and perhaps circuit switched networks but not connected to any IP based network and were not assigned IP addresses.
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Definition host in computing. Posted by Margaret Rouse. Share this item with your network. A host also known as network host is a computer or other device that communicates with other hosts on a network. Hosts on a network include clients and servers that send or receive data services or applications. Download this free guide. Download Overcome Virtual Network Management Challenges. The virtualized network poses challenges to network management systems and as more hardware components become virtualized that challenge becomes even greater.
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Virtual host allowing several DNS names to share the same IP address. Groups or formations edit. Cossack hosts comprised organic and administrative subdivision of Cossacks in Imperial Russia. Host names reflected location or origin. Furious Host or the Wild Hunt a European folk myth. Heavenly host an army of good angels in Heaven. Lord of hosts a common epithet of the God of the Old Testament. a great number multitude. Military an archaic word for army. Fictional military hosts edit. The Hosts of Rebecca a 1960 novel by Alexander Cordell about the Rebecca Riots. Avenging Host a group of characters in Marvel Comics Earth X series of comic books. Rutan Host fictional aliens from Doctor Who.
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The biological sense of animal or plant having a parasite is from 1857. The verb is early 15c from the noun. Hostess is attested from late 13c. Example Sentences for host. They had reached us while our host was down even while my fist was still clenched. Now they dreaded lest their host should show himself a little mad after all. The host had no horses and no carriage nor would he have until the following morning. Its habits are not known other than that it is found in the nests of its host. Senator Foraker was one man but Senator Foraker was a host in himself. The female attaches her eggs to the hairs or feathers of her host.
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Loy both of whom played to par. Middle English from Old French hoste from Latin hospes hospit host guest. Main definitions of host in English. host 1 host 2 host 3. 1 a host/hosts of A large number of people or things. a host of memories rushed into her mind. There are a host of other issues around that as well. The evening will also feature storytelling and music led by Jim Kearney and friends with a host of entertaining songs and stories on the agenda. media the story presented a host of problems.
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First Known Use 14th century. agate inclusion matrix streak. 1 to receive or entertain guests at or for host a dinner to serve as host see 3 host 1a to host friends. 2 emcee host ed a series of TV programs. Origin and Etymology of host. First Known Use 15th century. continuity dissolve fade feed remote residual spike wipe. religion the eucharistic bread. Origin and Etymology of host. Middle English hoste oste from Anglo-French oste oiste from Late Latin Latin Late Latin hostia Eucharist from Latin sacrifice. First Known Use 14th century. Other Christian Religious Terms. Pentateuch blasphemy curate doxology eremite iconoclasm liturgy orison pneuma reliquary.
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host in American English. us / host /. host noun PARTY ORGANIZER. C female hostess / hosts / someone who gives a party or has guests. Lucy was a gracious host. Vancouver played host to the conference the event happened there. C female hostess / hosts / a person who introduces guests and performers on television or radio. C a plant or animal that another plant or animal lives on as a parasite. host noun LARGE NUMBER. C usually sing a large number.
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to act as master of ceremonies moderator or interviewer for. to host a popular talk show. verb used without object. to perform the duties or functions of a host. Origin of host 1 Expand. 1250-1300 Middle English hoste noun Middle French Latin hospit stem of hospes host guest stranger perhaps hosti-potis or hos-potis equivalent to hosti combining form of hostis stranger see host 2 potis akin to potis having the power to posse to be able see potent 1 hence one granting hospitality one in charge of guests compare with different initial elements Greek despóts master despot Lithuanian vipats lord.
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PG-13 2h 5min Action Adventure Romance 29 March 2013 USA. 9 VIDEOS 121 IMAGES. When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories Melanie will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world. Andrew Niccol screenplay Stephenie Meyer novel. Saoirse Ronan Max Irons Jake Abel See full cast crew.
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Hospodársky Súbor Lesných Typov.

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